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blackhead killer

BlackHead Killer – The mask that ends Your Worries with the Black Head

BlackHead Killer

Every day we are more concerned, both girls and boys, for the care of our body and our appearance. From teenage years appears an enemy who wants to accompany us for the rest of our life: the evil black dots. There are two solutions if we want to eliminate them. We may well pinch fingernails and remove them one by one or resort to creams that will help facilitate the process. Trying to get rid of them, I have proved the effectiveness of BlackHead Killer. I’m going to detail the process of use and results. In the end I leave link so you can buy very cheap.

blackhead killer


Blackhead Killer has got the following benefits:

It works quickly

It is very effective in cleaning your face

The ingredients used are safe

Your money is Guaranteed for 90 days

No side effects of using it

What are Pimples And Blackhead?

Pimples are produced by plugging a pore with excess fat. They can appear in any part of the body but the most common place is the face and, except in very pronounced cases of acne, its main drawback is that they are unsightly.

A pimple may change from being a black dot to having the appearance of a bulging grain and, as it evolves, the top turns white. The first impulse is to push to remove the impurities that cause the black head. We must avoid doing this in any way so as not to cause scarring or make the infection larger.

Let’s take a few simple steps to get rid of a black head. You should not do it if you suffer from acne; In that case you should go to the doctor and do not try to solve it on your own.

How to Properly Remove a Black Head

Method 1

First Method of removing Blackhead is without using Blackhead Killer. This method is quite slow and time taking.  The Removal of blackhead with Blackhead Killer is explained in the second method.

If the black head is a small black spot, you can use cleaning strips. They are placed moist in the most conflictive areas (front, fins of the nose, chin) and, after a few minutes, drag the impurities of the skin leaving the pores clean.

To remove a black head it must be already mature. If the black head is evident but not yet ripe you can try to accelerate its growth by putting some toothpaste on it throughout the night.

Prepare your skin before extraction. Put a towel with hot water (that does not burn) on your face or make steam to open the pores with the heat for about 15 minutes. Then dry the face well before beginning the extraction.

Never squeeze your black head with your nails. You should press with your fingertips or wrap your fingers with gauze or tissue to keep your nails from getting hurt. Squeeze until all impurities come out. If you hurt or are very angry do not insist; You can try again another day when the black head is more advanced.

After removing the black head you can apply hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or some antiseptic product on the area with a cotton. Do not touch the area, let it dry your air and try not to put makeup or creams on top. That’s why it is best to take off pimples at night.

Method 2

The Second method of cleaning the blackhead by using the Blackhead Killer mask.  This method is quite simple and speedy.  It is safe and does not cause any side effects.  The use of Blakhead Killer is explained in this article in detail.

What to Do Before Using BlackHead Killer?

The process of use of Blakchead Killer is quite simple.  The time has come to explain the use of Blackhead Killer.  In the first place it is necessary to clean the area where the mask is to be applied.  I have used a wet wipe and I have waited for it to dry before covering my face with the mask. Because of the low visibility I have of my own face, I have asked someone to help me throw it away. If you feel capable yourself, at least put yourself in front of a mirror.

How to apply BlackHead Killer?

Very dark substance, almost black, of a fairly high density, very thick. It looks like oil. It is easy to deal with and easily adhered to the face, although it still retains its liquid state, so it is advisable to stay the first few minutes with your face facing up so you do not dripping and soak your lips. Keep your face in a uniform way for all the space that allows you. An envelope gives more or less to the area of the nose, cheekbones and some eyebrows and forehead if you stretch it.

First cold, logical feeling if you’re spreading a liquid over your face. After the first five minutes you should be able to incorporate without the substance dripping. Now it only touches wait for it to dry, so it will play any other activity that we entertain in the meantime, because the cream will take to dry and make its effect. Approximately 30 minutes according to the translation we made up.

What to Do after applying Blackhead Killer?

Time is up and it’s almost dry. Now the feeling will be as if something is tightening the skin. I felt in my nose as if I had something hanging, as if I had weight. If time has passed and the sensation is similar, it is time to remove the blakhead killer that should no longer be creamy but solid.

Removing the Blakchead Killer

It is lightly touched with the fingers so as not to remove it in case it is still somewhat moist. If there is a certainty that blakhead killer is dry, touch and remove it. Since the instructions do not make it clear, I have withdrawn gently and slowly. From one end I started to lift it. The truth is that it comes with quite easily and one piece. When removing the whole I have cleaned again the area with water removing also the pieces that did not come out of a piece.

Important: I have seen that some users spread it too much, making the cream thin and almost transparent. That’s not how it works. The idea is that there is enough mask on the skin so that when drying is more concentrated, stretch better and open the pore better. Also, it will be easier to remove because there is more substance to catch.

How to Prevent Pimples And Black Head

Try to keep your skin clean. Wash your face with products that reduce skin fat (do not do it more than twice a day or you will have dryness problems) and never lie down with makeup.

Keep your skin moisturized with creams and cosmetics suitable for oily skin. See if after using a product is more common that you get pimples since the creams are not always equally effective for everyone. If you have mixed skin, you can use products for areas of normal skin and others for different areas for fat.

On the other hand, it is not proven that the diet helps reduce pimples but it does the sun, which dries the skin. But remember: wear sunscreen whenever you sunbathe. Not wearing sunscreen will not make the sun more effective. There are specific products for oily skin.

Use Blackhead Killer frequently to keep your face clean from Blackhead.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the Ingredients of Blackhead Killer?

Unfortunately the official website of Blackhead Killer has not mentioned the ingredients of its product.  The reason could be hiding the ingredients from its competitors.

Is Blackhead killer safe to Use?

Blackhead killer is absolutely safe to use.  No consumer complains or reports are received so far.

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