Embova RX

embova rx

Embova RX – Male Super Hormone Formula To Pack Enough Testosterone To Make Any Man A Hero In The Bedroom!

Do you remember when…

Your urge for sex was so out of control and all you could think about, all day long, was wild hot, totally uninhibited SEX?

Those were the times when you wanted to pump up your chest and biceps like Tarzan and it only took a few weeks in the gym! Boy, it was easy back then.

Do you recollect how you would jump out of bed early in the morning to put in a day’s work…and still manage to have enough energy to take care of business at home?

What happened? It seems somewhere along the line—around age 40 or 50—things started to change for you. And everything you did became a chore.

embova rx


Male Menopause… It Can Affect Men At Any Age!

Don’t Let It Zap Your Machismo And Steal You Mojo!

As a man there is nothing more powerful…more important…or healthy than the testosterone that is running through your body right now. Testosterone is what gives you your strength, confidence, virility, and energy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your youthful power back again and working for you fully? My name is Mark Rosenberg, M.D. and I can assure you that I’m quite qualified to help you achieve this goal. As a medical doctor for over 20 years, I’ve been helping men with these exact aging issues.

In my Institute for Healthy Aging, we handle many of these male concerns on a daily basis. And if you walked into my office today I would probably tell you what I explain to every one of my male patients:

It’s not your fault that you might be feeling like you’re losing your game! Feeling less like a “man” is a common aging problem. But the good news is that I have been using a natural and safe protocol for increasing testosterone levels with many of my patients…and it works great!

Join The Thousands of Men Who Are

Replenishing Their Testosterone Stockpiles…

And Finding New Sexual Potency!

Simply put, testosterone is what makes a man…a man! Boost your testosterone the right way…with the right supplementation…and not only can it replace your “love handles” of a waist into washboard abs.

But that’s not even half of it—it will also give you bigger and harder erections, along with the drive and desire to put them to use.

And there’s even evidence that higher testosterone levels can help build bone density, balance your cholesterol levels, and help maintain good cardiovascular health.

Introducing EMBOVA RX—one of the most powerful erection-building…libido boosting…and energy rejuvenating…formulas that you’ll find without a prescription!

Listen, it’s impossible for me to know if you have or have not used anything before to elevate your testosterone levels. But from my experience and research most of the formulas in the marketplace today…don’t cut the cake!

They promise the world and deliver absolutely nothing.

That’s why I made sure that when developing Embova RX, I’ve included what science dictates. The trusted and proven ingredients you find in my formula will get the job done!

It’s taken me several years to put the pieces of this testosterone puzzle together. But now I’ve been able to bring you an entirely new and amazing formula. It will give you what you are really after—as much naturally-produced testosterone as possible!

The Science of Erections

Man’s Measurement For Manhood!

It’s a fact that men will try just about anything to sustain an erection. And sometimes even put their life at risk. But much of the problem lies in their physical inability to keep their testosterone levels elevated.

But when it comes to sexual performance Embova RX has everything you need to target the four important components of having an erection: Libido—Circulation—Hardness—and Stamina!

Libido—The Desire

Way before your brain starts to signal your penis to flood its chambers with blood and cause an erection, you first must desire the sexual activity. This sexual craving can only come when your body is pumping with the hormone—testosterone.

The Embova RX solution: Utilizing the natural ingredient DHEA, which has an indirect effect on testosterone production; your body can enhance muscle strength, lean body mass, and improve sexual desire.

Circulation—Erection Booster

When it comes to the erection process circulatory problems are a major factor. The effectiveness of an erection can be impaired by lack of blood flow to the penis.

The Embova RX solution: As a facilitator of increasing blood flow, this formula contains both Ginkgo biloba and Korean Ginseng. These two powerful extracts stimulate the release of nitric oxide (NO) to help signal blood vessels to dilate and send blood to the corpus cavernosum.

Hardness—Erection Strength

Lets face it…increased smooth blood flow to the male reproductive organ is essential for the erectile process to happen. And to achieve robust blood flow, deliver hard and larger erections you’ll need:

The Embova RX solution: In this formula you’ll find a very powerful sexual stimulant called Yohimbe. This powerful extract can support better blood flow to the corpus cavernosom of the penis. And at the same time it can contribute to a decrease of blood flow from the penis through your veins…stimulating longer lasting erections.

Stamina—Duration Power

Having an erection and keeping one is an entirely different problem. Delivering an erection will excite any lover but having them enjoy it will give you real satisfaction. That’s why stamina plays an important part in the science of erections.

The Embova RX solution: For years now, Bulgarian athletes have been using Tribulus Terristris to help increase their strength and virility. This extract has been known to increase your body’s testosterone by stimulating the luteinizing hormone (LH).

This “Estrogen Zapper”

Will Take The Woman Out Of You!

You’re not going to like the sound of this—but a few years back scientists identified the presence of estrogen “mimics” in everything from pesticides to plastics and additives in the food you eat and the water you drink.

Many of these chemicals directly interfere with your body’s production of testosterone. And along with these environmental factors your body also starts to become hormonally out of balance with age.

Even though your estrogen factory can kick into gear as you age there is a way to help regulate the assembly line of estrogen into your endocrine system. I refer to it as an estrogen-blocker. And you can find it in Embova RX with a special natural ingredient called Chrysin.

Embova RX was formulated to help you retain the long-lasting libido-enhancing effects you expect. Don’t let excess estrogen block testosterone–receptor sites and render “free” testosterone as inactive – thereby interfering with your sex drive.

Women Will Be Stunned…

By Your New Sexual Muscle!

The simple fact is that untold millions of men—you could be one of them—are feeling and acting less like men than they want. They feel tired, irritable, overstressed, weak, and inadequate from lack of sex drive.

But it is also a simple fact that supplementing your body with natural testosterone boosting ingredients can help you regain your youthful masculinity. And there’s no better formula than EMBOVA RX.

It’s no secret that as you grow old your body grows too…sometimes not the way you like. Love handles and potbellies suddenly appear like magic. Your skin starts to show signs of wrinkles. You notice unwanted hair loss on the shower floor.

And what’s worse…the overflowing libido and the raging erections you enjoyed in your teens become only desired memories.

But Embova RX can roll back the clock and have you feeling the T-Factor surging through your body again! With your Duracell-like human batteries recharged you can enjoy those rock-hard straight-up erections that you had in your 30’s and even 40’s.

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