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Vigorous Extend – A Male Enhancement with Testosterone Boosting

Vigorous Extend is proven to trigger a strong testosterone boost and other supportive effects (such as size improvement, sexual arousal increased, enhanced physical stamina and endurance). The all-natural formula works fast and, in fact, has an instant positive influence on your erection. Connect Alpha with the Male in you! Results are guaranteed 100% get your money back if we lie!

Vigorous Extend

About the Product

1) Product is tested in the clinics and confirmed by scientists that its most effectual natural male enhancement pills for male to improve their powerful conditions.

2) This product helps you to increase your testosterone levels

3) Vigorous Extend Supports Blow flow, sizes, and Vascularity with Nitric Oxide

4) Immediate results (information from reviews on

5) Energy boost (information from reviews on

6) Natural Ingredients

7) Male SIZE improvements

What is Vigorous Extend? What are the main ingredients?

Vigorous Extend Pills is a natural testosterone booster, one of the most popular on the contemporary market. A perfect testosterone booster ought to have a diversified formula that consists of efficient ingredients. Have a look at the formula:

Zinc – an erectile aid and aphrodisiac.

Maca (herb powder) – an ancient Peruvian aphrodisiac.

Tongkat Ali – an aphrodisiac that boosts your libido.

Nettle – increases blood flow to the penis and, therefore, improves erection.

Pumpkin Extract –improves prostate’s health.

Muira Puama (herb powder) – effective herbal aphrodisiac.

Arginine (L-Arginine hcl) a precursor to nitric oxide so it helps increase blood flow to the penis.

Ginseng (herb powder) – increases blood flow and improves overall stamina and energy.

The effectiveness of this formula is proved by various experiments and researches. We will talk about it later. What could probably make you confused is the abundance of natural aphrodisiacs and the absence of actual testosterone boosters. Wait for it! We will demonstrate excellent effects of this product.

How does it work?

The main function of Alpha Mail XL is to increase the blood distribution in your genitals. Therefore, your erection becomes stronger and your penis becomes a bit longer. This product can somehow help you overcome erectile dysfunction (erectile distribution is usually caused by inefficient blood distribution).

As well, this formula can improve the production and quality of semen. It is useful in case if you and your partner are planning to conceive. The effects of Vigorous Extend can be permanent or, at least, be prolonged. Increasing the size of your penis requires an appropriate exercise program, too; the pill itself will not make it possible.

Benefits and side effects

Of course, there are many benefits. They stem from efficient recipe and thoughtful dosage:

A dynamic increase of libido;

Solid and long-lasting erections;

Instant erection after using;

Protracted and intensified orgasms;

A drastic surge in your sex stamina.

Nevertheless, just as every medication in this world, the product has negative side effects. Before using it, you should get to know them and consult with a doctor. Some of them are the result of overdosing! You should always be careful with drugs, even if they are claimed to be 100% natural.

A list of side effects is quite short and consists of:

Abnormal sweetening and, as a result, slight dehydration;

Mild headaches;

More frequent urination.

However, the reports are quite seldom and are not scientifically proved to be based on Vigorous Extend effects. It might be dependent on subjective observation by product users. You can reduce the possibilities of experiencing certain side effects. First of all, take the medication only after meals instead of an empty stomach. You should also have to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Users are also advised to take the supplement with moderation. Start with a single tablet per day. As well, you should have enough rest from all the activity, including prolonged sexual intercourses. Do not forget to check if your weight is not bellow recommended norm. If so, you should take medication carefully or else you will experience exaggerated side effects. Overall thoughtfulness is also recommended: men with pre-existing conditions (prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, diabetes) must consult their doctors before taking Vigorous Extend.

What about expert’s opinion?

We have already mentioned numerous facts about Vigorous Extend. However, only a professional doctor can explain how it works and how it affects men’s organism. Likewise, it is good to hear the opinion of the expert who has already tried prescribing this medication and watched actual reactions. This is not a sponsored text. We take responsibility for truthful impressions.

Prescribing certain medications are always dangerous. You may not be 100% sure if it is going to work properly (even after using it in your practice for several years). However, I have never had problems with Vigorous Extend. And I can tell you why.

The formula is extremely effective – but it consists of most powerful natural ingredients. When used as directed, this mix can enhance men’s sexual performance. Prescription medication is more popular in the world (it is more expensive and, therefore, financially beneficial). In case of poor sexual performance and erectile dysfunction, it can provide instant yet short-term results. Many of them only treat the symptoms and do not cure the problem itself. As a result, we can see that this natural-based medication is able to treat the illness with its magnificent formula – and it is not that overpriced.

Vigorous Extend trials and clinical studies

Of course, every new medication’s effects should be studied beforehand (both by the Medical Community and the Manufacturers).

We provide you with the results of triple-blind randomized Clinical Study by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD.

100 men in monogamous, heterosexual relationships, aged of 25 and 50, participated the study. All of them agreed to take recommended norm of dosage of Vigorous Extend – 2 capsules daily 60 minutes before each meal for 12 weeks in a row. Out of 127 applicants screened, 107 were recruited for participation in the trial. 100 recruits completed the trial. Basing on the prior survey, almost everyone had low expectations. However, in the end, 56 participants decided to continue their treatment (especially those who are 50+ years old).

The experiment lasted 85 days. The participants admitted certain result:

the ability to maintain erection increased for 60.5%

frequency and quality of orgasms improved for 23.92%

overall sexual satisfaction increased for 67.12%

sex drive and sexual arousal increased for 41.56%

Our conclusion

Basing our decisions on facts and research, we want to admit that Vigorous Extend is a rather effective medication. It might somehow sound subjective but we are ready to prove our verdict.

The formula looks a bit odd as it has more aphrodisiacs than actual testosterone boosters. Recent studies demonstrated the efficiency of this supplement’s formula. Thus, any additional denials have nothing to do with real facts.

Men often expect to get results instantly. Natural medications do not work like this. It takes a reasonable amount of time to experience the full effect of this treatment (just as any high-quality product).

Men are buying this hoping to gain inches and that is where this product will show realistically modest results. It is all about promoting blood flow, increasing the hardness and lasting longer with your partner. Along the way, you will have the benefits of higher testosterone, which leads to better workouts, more energy and stamina.

We would also like to mention that side effects of Vigorous Extend are lessened up to their approximate minimum. That is why we readily recommend this medication to any man.

Real Customers Reviews from the Web about Vigorous Extend reviews

Jeff from United States

Im using Vigorous Extend for about a week and see a 30% growth of my muscles and power and Im harder than I ever seen me.

LOU from Chicago

I’ve just bought this bottle of natural Vigorous Extend enhancement pills and took them before 2 hours I head to the gym and I was surprised and amazed how powerful I’m. I can lift more weight and can do more workouts than ever before. I found out 1 good side effect I’m lion in the bedroom with wife;)

Alex from New York

I am taking Vigorous Extend for about 3 weeks and I see every day energy boost and muscles growth in 20-30%. I feel impressive when I see real Improvements of my body than ever before. Best pills ever!

Steve, UK

Even thought I have just starter and have two more months of pills to go, I definitely feel my stamina increased and size changed. Just be patient – it takes take for this product to start working.

John, London

In my opinion, Vigorous Extend makes a good stamina enhance, but what I really need is to increase my size from 6 inches to 8 approximately. That is why I bought this one. Hope it works, I will write in case if It actually happens

These pills give better sex drive and a slight boost in performance. Strongly recommend as it has no visible side effects and can give an increase of an inch or so. Also, the price is rather low.

Mike from Los Angeles

Two bottles of this medication and absolutely no effect still! I thought it would increase my stamina but I actually feel the decrease of my sex drive and a slight sickness after using it. Don’t know if it is about the quality of product or a bad batch. Yet, I have two bottles and virtually no positive changes. Try another product, this one is a waste of time and money.

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